In the old times, people didn’t have the opportunity to just lounge around comfortably in their homes and just control their appliances in just one click. Before, they had to grind their own coffee and mix with hot water themselves. Now, we have an automatic coffeemaker. Before they had to write their mails by hand and wait for how many months, some even years, to get a response. Now, we can send messages and contact people in just one swipe and it only takes a second. Technology has definitely made our lives easier and we want more.

These appliances below are some of the home appliances that you can control using your computer. They are called the Internet of Things, they denote a network of devices (for example: your appliances, phones and computers) that have internet connectivity inside them. This means that they can send and receive data and in that way, we can use these to its full efficacy and accuracy without breaking a sweat.

Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs by Phillips Hue can be connected to your smartphone or your computer. You can program your lighting to your liking and you can tweak it to the precise shade of light that you want. You can chose to dim or brighten the light. It can also automatically adjust the lighting in the room according to the time of the day.

Air Conditioners

The use of Air conditioners can be very expensive but it still very essential to certain countries in certain climates. Air Conditioners can be connected to your wifi router and you can use your phone to control it. Users can customize the settings and can be automatic controlled depending on your preferences.


Brands like LG and Whirlpool offer “smart” refrigerators. Basically, what they do is that they keep track of the stock of your food and its expiration dates. This is possible because it can scan barcodes and can send the data to an app that can be installed in your phones or your computer. It updates you about what is inside your fridge and when it is going to expire and what needs to be restocked.


Ralph Lauren’s The Polotech Shirt is made with silver fibers that is sewn into the fabric of the shirt that can connect to your home router. This can be useful if you work out because it track your performance. It connects with your phone and computer and it can determine your heart rate, energy output and also offers health advice so you can improve your performance at the gym according to your daily data.

Security Systems

Almost all security systems are all high tech nowadays. This can allow the user to have control of all the locks in their home and helps secure it. With the use of your phone and computers, you can monitor anytime, anywhere.

Cooking Appliances

Cooking can be time-consuming at times especially to people who have busy schedules. This is why a lot of cooking appliances manufacturers has dedicated time and effort to create time-sensitive appliances that can be controlled using the internet. You can turn ON or OFF your appliances, adjust the settings, and monitor it using your phones and computers.

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We have gone so far from the old times because now we can use our smartphones to control our home. It’s not only good for just the apps because right now, with the right application installed, your life can get easier. There are a lot of ways where we can use our devices to monitor our homes. We are living in the age where almost all of the home appliances are made to get “smarter” every day. This means that they are built with compact and powerful chips that can connect with your internet connection and can deliver you the data. Here are some of the ways you can use your smartphone to control your home.

Security Systems 

Now with the use of your smartphone and with the availability of mobile computing, you can opt to monitor your house, whether you are inside or anywhere in the world, in the palm of your hands. You will now be able to receive notifications instantaneously of any problems and foul play surrounding your property.

Pet Feeder

If you have a pet and you’re super busy that it’s hard for you to always be at home to feed them then this is perfect for you. You can schedule feeding times for your pet. Just make sure that you have trained it to not be afraid of the appliance and that it should visit the feeder during certain feeding time. There are also a variety of applications available on the market that can offer you a way to monitor your pet.

Coffee Maker

If you’re not a morning person and it’s hard for you to work without coffee in your system, then this perfect for you. You can start your day at ease because you don’t have to wait for you coffee to get ready, it will be ready by the time you have woken up, that is if you have set the time correctly with the use of your smartphone.

Starting Your Vehicle

There are a lot of applications readily available on the market that you can connect to your vehicle. It can start your car to set the thermostat inside. This is perfect for those who live in countries that are always cold or always hot. Now you won’t have to run towards your car because your smartphone will do it for you.

Smart Thermostats

You will be able to control the temperature inside your home from anywhere, anytime. If you want to save money and time and you want to reduce your energy usage then this is perfect for you. You can turn on your Air Conditioner or you heater ahead of time if you want to be comfortable by the time you’ve arrived home. Use your smartphone to turn up the temperature before you get home. You can save a lot of money and you can use your appliances to its full efficacy. If you’re finding the ambient temperature difficult to control, you may look at remodelling the room & having house painters brisbane provide the final touches to the home.

Don’t forget to find the perfect application for you preference, it’s all available online. If you want to more about what computers and smartphones can do, browse here. If you have questions, ask here



Home Automation has been around for a long time now. We can control our lighting and just simply control the home appliances. It is only in the recent times that it has become a reality that we can now have full control of our home anytime and anywhere. With the use of home automation, we can chose when an appliance should work, how it should work and why it should work. You can set the schedule on when to set it on and from there on, it can automatically work for you based on the preferences you have set. It can also be a way to alert you to events inside your home that you may want to know instantaneously.

With the use of Home Automation, you can control and automate any device and appliances inside your home whether you are home or anywhere in the world. Before we are used to controlling the TV using the remote from only the couch and should be near to the router, but now it has gone to completely new level. You can now adjust temperature of a room, or the volume of the audio system around the house, or prepare a cup of coffee with just one swipe. It has become very convenient to finish tasks inside the house, without being inside the house.

Home Automation is always ready to provide security. If you install security cameras around your house, you can monitor and get updates in your computer of every problems inside or outside the house. Basically, an automated home can keep all your property under surveillance so you can react instantaneously.

Another advantage of using Home Automation is it gives you an opportunity to save energy. It works effectively and efficiently to help save money on energy that appliances uses and overall provides convenience to everyone.

Home automation can also be fun because it gets you involved. You can set your personal preferences and what actions the appliances should do and then you can sit back and enjoy your home time with the use of the latest technological advancement.

You can even automate release of pest treatment chemicals.  Should you need your chemicals restocked, you’ll find the guys at Pest Control Ipswich will be able to assist you promptly.

It can be very hard to figure out and can be complex at first but by the time that you have learned on how it works, it can be very fun. It’s a completely flexible technology and can be easy when figured out. Manufacturers is trying to make it more user friendly to make for a fun experience. It can be fun to use when shared with others. It can be viewing your visitors at the front door on your TV or tweaking your stereo by using voice recognition. It can be enjoyable and can impress your future visitors, too! It will be a conversation starter to new friends.

With the variety of home automation products that is now available in the market, you can control just about anything you wish to control in your home. Whatever your needs and preferences are, now is a great and exciting time to be involved with the home automation.